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Enhancing the Consumer Experience

The creation of the MixByMe dispensing platform was borne out of necessity when Melanie Werner, CEO, Mouse Trap Design, LLC, Carnegie, PA, surveyed her vanity and realized she had invested in five similar yet slightly different high-end fragrances, all with a limited shelf life. “I thought, ‘Why is there not a dispenser which allows the consumer to ‘dial-up and create’ their own scent based upon time of day, occasion, or mood?” she recalls. “It seemed to me that ‘dialing up’ was a more efficient way to wear fragrance plus I would be the creator of my own scent.” The idea of wearing a customized scent resonated with her and after researching the market, she discovered no such dispenser existed and since artisanal fragrance boutiques were cropping up in Paris and New York, the demand for customized perfume was clearly growing. “MixByMe is a contradiction; the dispenser helps create a unique, highly personalized perfume experience, but the technology itself speaks to mass-personalization,” she says. The dispenser had to look “sexy” and fit comfortably in a woman’s hand. After several years of R&D, and multiple prototype iterations, Mouse Trap Design has designed and patented a dispensing system that enables consumers to customize their own scent using a metered pump technology and dials that combine three or more liquids in varying concentrations. “Each of the three chambers has over a dozen settings creating thousands of possible combinations,” Werner explains. The MixByMe Valve system is designed to work with a single pump head, which is fed by three fluid paths. The flow through of each of these three fluid paths is controlled by the user via a dial. Each path is independently variable and the flow through each path is regulated. By combining 13 positions on three dials, there’s a total of 2,197 possible combinations. The technology can easily and conveniently alter the “mood” of a branded fragrance. For example, the branded fragrance can comprise the central vial, and complementary accords (i.e. top, heart and base notes) can be filled into adjacent vials within the same package housing. Furthermore, the dispenser models can be configured to be refillable or disposable, accommodating not just fragrance applications but also skincare and color cosmetic formulations.


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