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MixByMe Technology ™ is the first dispenser with selective, proportional mixing of liquids.

Welcome to our new website that introduces MixByMe™ — the first product customization that is now in the hands of the consumer.

The dispensing devise enables a precise and high level of personalization — imagine customized fragrances, color cosmetics, and skin care treatments.

If you are a company looking for a partnership to license our product or provide distribution, we would be excited to talk with you as one of our early partners.

In addition to the fragrance and cosmetic industries, we are exploring uses for our technology in the spirits and home scenting industries for commercial and industrial uses. Please see the patent section on the website for more information about licensing opportunities.

MixByMe™ is where Fabulous Meets Function.



Melanie Werner


The Fusion of Fragrance and Technology

shutterstock_156773150At its best, ‘innovation’ connects seamlessly to art. Fragrance, cosmetics and technology by nature appear to be polar opposites. However, innovation, fragrance and cosmetics products must quietly coexist. Together these elements foster a spirit of creativity, growth and forward movement for the beauty (personal care) industry. Whether using tools to enhance fragrance artistry or to bolster a consumer experience, technology and innovation challenge the perfume and cosmetic artists.

There’s opportunity to explore new realms of olfactory and aesthetic experiences relevant to today’s market and consumer demands when technology and innovation elements are combined.

The skill of crafting sumptuous fragrances is paramount to technology because it is the ‘art’ that gives technology its humanity.

The real force behind MixByMe Technology™ lies in its reverence to fragrance as an art.