The Right Mix: Mouse Trap Design pioneers custom-blended fragrance with MixByMe Technology

Recognizing a market gap in the customization of personal products, Melanie Werner designed and patented MixByMeTM Technology — a multi-chamber perfume dispenser to custom-blend fragrances.

“The time is right. Consumer demand for personal fragrance has increased,” said Werner. “Mouse Trap Design shifts the paradigm of traditional fragrance by altering how consumers will wear, dispense, purchase and view their fragrance. For the first time, consumers can mix, blend and dispense their very own personalized fragrance!”

Before founding Mouse Trap Design in 2011 to create MixByMe Technology, Werner worked in advertising, marketing and PR for consumer products and services, then moved into healthcare, serving as a hospital marketing director. An entrepreneur at heart, Werner knew she had to pursue her idea for MixByMe Technology.

Werner explained that MixByMe offers a game-changing packaging innovation and allows for product customization that’s easily, precisely and intuitively controlled. She also noted that it creates new marketing opportunities to augment and expand the lucrative $30 billion fragrance market. Werner is discussing private label opportunities with retailers to create brands and lines of customizable fragrances.

MixByMe’s metered, pump-system platform technology can be adapted to accept a variety of liquids. Werner said the dispenser can be cross-marketed for topically applied color cosmetics, skin care treatments, dermatology applications and more—all of which can be sprayed, dripped, poured or pumped. She said the technology, which earned a patent in late 2013, could also be used to custom-mix spirits and home scents.

Getting a company off the ground and introducing game-
changing technology is no easy task for a solo entrepreneur. Werner brought on the services of business accelerator C-Leveled to help with marketing, research, branding and preparing for the overall product launch.

“C-Leveled has kept me on track,” said Werner. “They have given me great support!”

Werner first worked with FactorsNY, New York, for initial design, functional prototype and patent assistance. The project is now in the commercialization phase, and she felt moving the project to Daedalus Design, Pittsburgh, made better sense. Regular meetings with the Daedalus team keeps her ‘hands-on’ and focused on producing a quality product.

MixByMe will go into pre-production this fall with plans to hit the market in early 2015. The technology was a winner of the 2014 DATA Awards, and the company was recognized as an “Emerging Growth Company” by Pepper Hamilton Law.

“MixByMe Technology ushers in the era of perfume self-expression and unleashes the dream of a unique fragrance experience!” exclaimed Werner.

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