The Idea

MixByMe™ offers a consumer-centric game-changing packaging innovation and allows for product customization that’s easily, precisely and intuitively controlled by the consumer.

Product Design

A designed and patented palm-sized liquids dispenser that allows consumers to personalize, customize and craft their own fragrance or beauty product.

The Science

A ‘pump-system’ platform technology can be adapted to accept various viscosities of liquids. Fragrance formulation, research & development is validated.

Form and Function

Meet And Mix

Patent Information

Elevate your brand with a license or Private Label Partnership utilizing MixByMe Technology™. Fragrances, cosmetics, skin care, and more, MixByMe™ is the only mass, liquids customizing technology. First time ever, product customization controlled at the hands of the consumer – you can be a part of this!

MTD has established expertise and can provide guidance to brands looking to promote their liquid product. With decades of experience in the beauty industry, world-class and luxury brands are turning to MTD for outstanding quality. MTD supplies global distributors or luxury/specialty retailers our MixByMe™ device that’s capable of customizing liquids, serums, lotions, pigments and more for the fragrance, skin care and cosmetic industry.

Thank you for your interest in licensing or a Private Label Partnership utilizing MixByMe Technology™. For more information, please email us at or call, (412) 223-5339.